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Roast Duck & Kale Yakiudon

One Canada Square Restaurant

Lido HK Cafe

I <3 BLY


Kamamarui Ramen & Don

Perfect for anyone living in Burnaby, metrotown shoppers, and BCIT students!


U & I Thai Restaurant

Thai food in Vancouver is not the best.  But this place was pretty good!


GORDON RAMSAY : Best Restaurant in London

Here's an on-screen taste test of the best restaurant in London, as well as a tour of the kitchen:

Nothing short of amazing!


NEW VIDEO: Shoreditch

Here it is!!!!
Thank you everyone for being so patient!  And thank you even more for your genuine interest in these videos!  <3

TRAVEL EATS: new videos will be released ASAP

Hello!  I've just landed back in Vancouver.  My trip to Europe was absolutely amazing!  In the next few weeks I will be revealing to you my experiences abroad and of course all the ridiculous feasts I conquered.  

London gave me a stuffy impression.  It's a busy congested city with busy congested people.  Things were cramped, buildings were old.  Everything costed me double (darn that exchange rate!)  But, I loved it.  I feel like London would be the perfect place to live as a young adult.  Bussling career opportunities, especially in finance.. and so many after work watering holes.  In fact, apparently Thursdays are the new Fridays because people just can't wait to get hammered.  Talk about in a rush!  Asians (or Orientals as they call it), are pretty scarce in Europe.  And even more so outside of London.  No joke, I was pretty much the token asian person half the time.  It was so different than Richmond/ Vancouver... which is pretty much white-washed Hong Kong.  

I am going to miss my silly cousin Donna.  She put up with my for a whole month, so I'd like to congratulate her.  I'm the most annoying child ever.  She has done well.  I can't wait to see her again soon.


Happy 1 Month-iversarry!

So happy to have the opportunity to share my site with everyone! :) 

July was an exciting start to my new vlog adventures.  I surprised myself with how much I actually ate out.  This is a good way to keep track of all the restaurants I visit and how the food was that day.  Finally, videos archived to remind myself :)

August will be very exciting as I will be taking macyeats to the UK!  Stay tuned as I travel around Londontown, Croatia, France and Italy.  I can't wait to see what I'm going to eat!!!

See you guys in my next video!

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