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Hello pumpkin!

October is among us!  The breezes are getting nippy and HNS (hard xxxxxx syndrome) is coming full force.  I can finally throw away the razors and take out the sweaters that people refer to as blankets.  They have arm holes, duh.  

Site update: Since I've done this for a couple months now, I finally have some sort of archive going!  You can see the past features in the Featured Archive section.  

Life update:  I shall continue posting pictures and videos up.  Hoping to start a schedule soon :)  

I'm thinking of doing a series or playlist of all the cute single men that are featured in my videos.  That way you can OOGLE and then GOOGLE them.  Holla at me if y'alls want their numbers. ;)  It shall be named WIFEMEWEDNESDAYS? MANLYMONDAYS? FATBOYFRIDAYS? JOESHMOESATURDAYS? I digress. I'll start the videos ASAP. 




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